Cracked Up To Be by Courtney Summers

I was sent an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) of this book a while ago, but the publisher specifically requested that I wait until the book was closer to publication — and it’s no wonder!  This book was awesome, and I know a lot of people will probably want to read it as soon as they find out about it.  If you are a teen from my library, btw, you are more than welcome to borrow my ARC until I get the “real” book in circulation.

Parker is in her senior year of high school, and she is hoping to graduate, but she is just one misstep away from expulsion.  Little by little, readers get the back story about how Parker went from popular, smart, control freak to the girl who shows up to class so drunk that she falls out of her chair.  There is a whole lot going on with this story, but it’s told in fragments so that you can figure out bit by bit as you go along.  As much as Parker has going on, it never got to the point where I found myself struggling to keep up with all of the information coming at me.  Quite the opposite, actually, because I found myself dying to figure out what happened at that party the summer before senior year.  Why is everyone so worried about Parker?  Why does she now have to see her guidance counselor every week?  What is the huge secret she’s been hiding?   It’s more than just your typical “edgy” YA fiction, and it’s more than just a mystery…  It’s actually hard for me to put it into words, but I have a feeling that most of my teens are gonna love this one.

Happy Reading!


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