Graceling by Kristin Cashore

How cool would it be to be born with a “grace” that provided you with super-powers?  Like being able to hear better than anyone else.  Or being able to foresee the future.  Graces are often advantageous.  But, what if your super-power was the ability to kill?  For a girl named Katsa, this killing grace seems like more of a curse than a blessing…  Katsa’s uncle, King Randa, has chosen to take advantage of her skill in maiming and killing people by sending her out as his henchman (or henchwoman, I suppose).  If someone opposes Randa, Katsa may be sent to scare him into submission.  Or, if someone has slighted Randa, Katsa may be sent to do him bodily harm.  People in the surrounding kingdoms have learned to fear her, but Katsa feels only shame for the things she has done in Randa’s name.

When Katsa sneaks off on a secret mission, to rescue a kidnapped royal grandfather from the kingdom of Monsea, she finds more than she bargained for.  Of course, she and her accomplices find and rescue the old man.  But, upon her escape from the castle, she also encounters a graced Monsean prince named Po.  Po’s grace enables him to keep up with Katsa in a fight — something she has never experienced before.  And, it sure doesn’t hurt matters that he is also dashingly handsome!  For once, both of these young Gracelings have someone with whom they can both be themselves and feel understood.  More than that, though, they are both interested in solving the mystery of who ordered the kidnapping (and why).  It will be a long and arduous journey, and there is no guarantee that their graces will be enough to protect them on this dangerous mission.  Will this be the ultimate test or will this mission prove impossible for them, despite their super-powers?

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