Paper Towns by John Green

Simply put, this book is the love-child of Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines!  Quentin (“Q”) and Margo Roth Spiegelman were inseperable friends as children — so much so that they even shared the trauma of discovering a dead body in the local park.  Now that they are teens, Q is off the social radar while Margo has attained über popularity.  One night, near the end of their senior year, though, Margo reappears in his life — or, more specifically, in his bedroom window.  Clad entirely in black [complete with black face paint] Margo enlists Q’s help in pulling off an elaborate, all-night, 11-step prank that takes place all over town. Q feels like he and Margo have finally reconnected, and he may even have a chance with this girl of his dreams… but she disappears the very next day.  Everyone else is sure that Margo will turn up like every other time she has run away, but Q is afraid that something terrible may have become of her.  When Q discovers the first in a series of clues from Margo, he decides that he has been called upon to discover where she is — and the road trip of a lifetime ensues.  Often hilarious, and sometimes rife with anxiety, this book had me putting everything else on hold until the very last page…

Happy Reading!


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