MySpace, Our Planet: Change is Possible by The MySpace Comunity with Jeca Taude

Many people are concerned about the “health” of our planet, but it’s hard to figure out where and how to start making changes in your own life, even if you already know why you should. For people who don’t quite understand the environmental reasons behind the “going green” movement, this book starts off with information about how climate change has already effected life on Earth and some worst-case scenarios about what else could happen if carbon emissions continue to rise at such an alarming rate. With well-organized, easy-to-apply suggestions of how every person can work toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle (in either “micro” or “macro” steps), this book is a must-read. I was thrilled to see that the book itself is very eco-friendly, as well, since it was printed on recycled paper (made from 100% post-consumer waste) with vegetable-based inks. Whether you are reading this book for suggestions to get started or to figure out how to take the next step, there is something for everyone.

Happy Reading!


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