The Legend of Vinny Whiskers by Gregory Kemp

This book came about publication in a very interesting way — it was the top fiction winner of the Webook vote.  What does that mean?  It means that Gregory Kemp (the book’s author) is a member of the Webook community and that the readers on Webook thought his book was good enough that it deserved to be published.  As the people on say, it’s kind of like American Idol for books and authors.  For a quick introduction to what they do, you can even check out this video:

Six-month-old kit (prairie dog) Boomerang Lookout is struggling to find his place in the world.  Being named after one of the infamous “Lost Six” could certainly make life difficult enough, but poor Boomer also has to deal with the repercussions of being a runt who may never live up to the expectations of being a “Lookout.”  A parallel story tells of the Wee and their struggle to return to their rightful home.  The Wee is a union of animals that had lived in harmony, sharing an underground settlement called “the tubes,” until leadership was passed down to a rat named Vinny Whiskers.  Vinny allowed an army of rats to take over the tubes, and the Wee have been trying to regain control of their home ever since.  Will the emergence of a prairie dog with a legendary name be the answer to their prayers, or will Boomer only bring them false hope?

Happy Reading!


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