Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

In this second book of the Uglies series, Tally has been brought back to the city and turned into a total “Prettyhead.”  She has forgotten all about being an Ugly, meeting David, and helping to found The New Smoke.  As a New Pretty, Tally’s entire day is taken up by preparing for parties, going to parties, and then recovering from all of her partying.  When Tally and her new boyfriend, Zane, encounter an Ugly from the New Smoke, though, everything changes.  A note, from [Ugly] Tally herself, explains how Tally has given informed consent to take an experimental drug that should “cure” her Pretty brain and that she needs to take the two pills that are inside.  Nervous about possible complications, but worried about getting caught by Special Circumstances while they have the pills in their possession, Tally and Zane agree to each take one pill.  What happens next is beyond their wildest expectations…

Happy Reading!


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