Specials by Scott Westerfeld

Tally Youngblood has been through quite a bit since her 16th birthday.  In Uglies, Tally was forced to become a spy for Special Circumstances, but decided to remain an ugly after falling in love with a Smoke-born boy named David.  When her attempt to destroy Special Circumstances’ tracking device actually sets it off, though, she gives away the formerly secret location of The Smoke and endangers all of the people she has come to know and love.  In Pretties, Tally sets out from the New Smoke after agreeing to be captured and turned Pretty in order to test a cure for the brain lesions that control the minds of people who have gone through the Pretty transformation.  In between her operation and the delivery of the cure, though, Tally forgets most of the details of her former life (including her love for David), and manages to fall in love with a Pretty named Zane.  And now, in Specials,  Tally has been captured and forced to undergo a second surgery to make her a Special — someone with super-human strength and reflexes who works for Special Circumstances.  Rather than lament her new status, though, Tally decides to embrace her new body and the responsibilities that come with it.  She even comes up with a plan to get Zane turned into a Special so that he will no longer suffer the consequences of his former brain damage and the botched operation that was supposed to have fixed it.  Things rarely go as planned, however, and Tally soon finds herself at the center of a whole new debacle.

Happy Reading!


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