Night Runner by Max Turner [ARC]

Zack Thomson is far from a normal teenager.  Both of his parents died in an accident when he was just a kid, and because he had no other family, he ended up living in a mental institution.  It wasn’t for the reason you would think, though.  He wasn’t crazy or anything.  He just had nowhere better to go, and the staff of the Nicholls Ward were capable of taking care of Zack — despite his strange and severe allergies.  Being extremely allergic to sunlight AND not being able to digest most normal foods could probably drive some people to insanity, but Zack managed to stay relatively happy sleeping all day and drinking his special smoothies at night, while he worked out and/or spent time hanging out with his favorite nurse, Ophelia.  Nurse Ophelia was gorgeous, smart, and tough — but Zack still managed to get bored and lonely at times.  Until one night, when the words boring and ordinary would be driven out of his existence…

It all started when a crazy man crashed through the front doors of the Nicholls Ward and started warning Zack that someone was after him.  He even told Zack that to stay away from the police.  When the police showed up shortly thereafter, this guy used some super-human strength and speed to try and take Zack with him on a motorcycle, but was stopped short when he ended up riddled with bullet holes.  Zack was pretty shaken as the guy was driven away in an ambulance, but then things got even weirder.  The SAME GUY fought his way back out of the ambulance and CAME BACK for Zack a second time!  Needless to say, Zack ended up with a head full of questions, and he couldn’t get a single answer out of Nurse Ophelia, so he was a bit confused and frustrated when he finally went to bed.  The next day, though, Zack ended up with even more unanswered questions when another man came looking for him — and claimed to be his uncle!

Things get stranger and stranger as the story moves along, and the action is pretty intense.  So, if you like some action and suspense to go with your supernatural mystery story, this is definitely the book for you.

Happy Reading!


One response to “Night Runner by Max Turner [ARC]

  1. I read this book and loved it. It was really good, except the epilogue, if that was not there, and the book ended with the last sentance of the last chapter ( not the epilogue), then it would have been perfect. I just think that the epilogue made it end a little bit too luckily.

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