Soul Searching: Thirteen Stories About Faith and Belief edited by Lisa Rowe Fraustino

It’s funny that I would find this book right after a friend and I were discussing how our own faiths and beliefs have changed so much throughout our lives.  I always find it interesting to see things from a different point of view, and it was very cool to have a single book in which to discover religion through so many different perspectives (and with stories by so many famous authors!).  From the unwed, pregnant Amish teen who finds herself banished from her family and community, to the atheist boy who gets his first taste of religion at a local Christian rock concert, to the Jewish-American girl who finally learns about her father’s escape from Nazi Germany when fate orchestrates a reunion with long-lost family members.  Every story is unique.  Some are funny, some are sad, but all show that faith and belief depend upon a person’s life experiences and that all religions have the same basic goal — to give people a way to connect people with a higher power so that they live better, more meaningful lives.  An excellent read for people who don’t quite know what they believe, but surely just as good for those with a solid faith.

Happy Reading!


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