The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner’s Semester at America’s Holiest University by Kevin Roose

unlikely discipleKevin Roose grew up in a very liberal family — complete with gay aunts.  His parents worked for Ralph Nader.  He even attended Brown University…  So, how did this guy end up attending one of the largest and most strict evangelical Christian universities in the US?  He was curious.  After visiting Liberty University for a journalism assignment, Kevin realized that he had a very difficult time relating to his evangelical Christian peers and wondered about ways he could get to know them better.  After some self-reflection, he decided that spending a semester at Liberty (as a transfer student) would be the best way to immerse himself in Christian culture and to come away with a better understanding of what makes evangelical Christians “tick.”

Despite the uncertainties of friends and family, Kevin enrolled at Liberty University and began a journey of discovery.  In order to get the most out of his semester, Kevin experimented with prayer, took extremely hard Bible courses and Creationist science classes, joined the Thomas Road Baptist [mega-]Church choir, attended a meeting of “Every Man’s Battle” [Liberty’s on-campus support group for chronic masturbators], went on a spring break mission trip to convert the vacationing co-eds, went on dates with Liberty girls, and just plain hung out with the guys in his dorm.  Kevin even managed to snag an interview with Rev. Jerry Falwell for the school paper!

While Kevin didn’t necessarily agree with everything he encountered at Liberty, he did an amazing job of keeping an open mind and presenting information without bias.  And even though religion can be a rather hefty topic, this book managed to take on a light and humorous tone.  A must-read for anyone who is curious about the “God Divide.”

Happy Reading!


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