The Door of No Return by Sarah Mussi

Zac Baxter has long been told about his royal African roots, the hidden treasure to which he is entitled, and the conspiracy that is keeping it all covered up.  But, he has always thought that Pops (his grandfather) was making it all up.  When his grandfather gets attacked and ends up dead, though, Zac starts to wonder if there might be some truth to all those stories.  After all, the people who killed Pops stole the diaries that Pops always claimed to be the indisputable proof of both his royal lineage and the British government’s willful involvement in the enslavement of an African prince.  Zac begins to investigate a few things, and then everything gets out of hand very quickly.  Either Zac is getting truly paranoid, or there really ARE people coming after him and trying to kill him to keep this story under wraps.  Before long, Zac is fighting for his life at a supposed mission in Ghana, and he has no idea in whom he can trust.  A great mystery, packed with action and adventure, with a very interesting look into the history of slavery as well.

Happy Reading!


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