Seth Baumgartner’s Love Manifesto by Eric Luper [ARC]

When Seth went to Applebee’s to spend his lunch break with his girlfriend, he had no idea his whole life was about to fall apart.  First, his girlfriend uses the lunch as a quick and easy chance to dump him, since they both have to get back to work in 30 minutes and he can’t make too big of a scene in public.  Then, Seth sees his dad coming into Applebee’s with a woman who is NOT Seth’s mother.  And, to top it all off, he gets back to work late and gets fired… for the 4th time that year.  Not exactly the best day ever, by any means.  But Seth is determined to take control of his life and figure things out.  How does he plan on accomplishing such a feat?  Via an anonymous podcast called “The Love Manifesto,” of course!  Despite the depressing undertones of a break-up and parental infidelity, this book manages to be laugh-out-loud funny more often than not.  Plus, residents of the Capital Region will probably get an extra thrill when they recognize the names of places in Seth’s travels!

Between the hilarious story and the fact that there are excerpts from Seth’s podcasts, this book just screams audiobook — so I really hope I will be able to add a book and audiobook to my collection when it is released on June 8, 2010!

Happy Reading!


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