TTYL by Lauren Myracle

After reading The Fashion Disaster That Changed My Life, I thought it would probably be a good idea to read our best-circulating (and also most “infamous”) of Lauren Myracle’s books.  I had tried reading it a couple of times before, but I always got confused by the chat-style writing.  It wasn’t the actual chat speak or emoticons that tripped me up…  I am used to those from my own online chat experiences.  It was the fact that I had to keep referring to the left side of the conversation to see who was speaking.  I know, I know…  They even have different fonts to set them apart!  But I am just so used to reading in paragraphs that it threw me off to read this more fragmented style of writing.  It’s kinda like how I actually have to force myself to look at illustrations in a graphic novel.  But, this time, I made myself keep going after the first ten pages.  And, it managed to get a little bit easier as I went.

This book follows three 15-year-old girls — Angela, Maddie, and Zoe — through their tumultuous tenth grade year.  Typical fights between friends, boyfriend troubles, and issues with parents are a given.  The real “meat and potatoes” of the story, though, is how the girls navigate their way through Angela’s guy-based depression, the school-wide scandal caused by Maddie’s party mistake, and the development of an inappropriate relationship between Zoe and one of her handsome, young teachers.  Although it was hard, at times, to suspend disbelief about the Zoe’s relationship with her teacher, news headlines prove that it’s all too possible.  And while there are obviously some people who are or will be uncomfortable with the “mature” themes or language in this story, I think it’s a realistic depiction of high school life for many girls.  Now, I definitely understand why the teens have gobbled this one up…

Happy Reading!


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