The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Nobody (a.k.a. Bod) Owens has a very unique story. After all the other members of his family were murdered by a man named Jack, 18-month-old Bod escaped his home and made his way into the nearby graveyard. When Jack came after him, to “finish the job” he had started, Bod was rescued by the inhabitants of the graveyard. He was, basically, adopted (and named) by the ghosts and spent his entire childhood living in the shadows of the graveyard. Despite his many friends and mentors in the graveyard, Bod finds that he longs for a “normal” education and friends among the living, so he begs his ghostly parents and guardian to allow him outside the graveyard. Of course, this ends up leading to a variety of problems and complications. The cast of characters was very interesting, and there was a reasonable amount of both suspense and humor, but I didn’t really get into this story as much as I would have expected. Maybe it was just the wrong time to listen to this one… A good book, nonetheless.

Happy Reading!


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