Break by Hannah Moskowitz

Jonah is a man with a plan… To break every bone in his body, that is. Seriously. His family is so messed up that the only way he can “deal” with it is to break — and often. His friend Naomi is there to help with moral support and to get it all on tape. And the only other person who actually knows about Jonah’s plan is his younger brother Jesse, whose extreme food allergies keep the entire family operating in a constant state of fear. Why does Jonah think this is such a great idea? How is it possible that his parents could let this [continually] happen to their child? Why isn’t social services involved by the time Jonah breaks bones 15, 16, & 17 in the opening chapter? And how in the world can his friend think that she is doing him any favors by supporting this self-destructive behavior? I’m gonna leave you hanging so that you’ll have to read the book to piece it all together for yourself. But, don’t worry — it’s definitely worth the read!

Oh… And just a quick warning: this book is not for the faint of heart. There were several moments when the descriptions of the intentional “accidents” had me feeling a little green. Heck, the third line of the book is a description of a fall where Jonah explains, The sound is like a mallet against a crab. OK…  You’ve been warned.  Now go and read the book!

Happy Reading!


2 responses to “Break by Hannah Moskowitz

  1. Wow – just reading that line on your post makes my stomach churn a bit. But I’m not sure that I can resist reading it.

  2. Thanks for this post! It really is an awesome book. I’d recommend it as well.

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