Stitches: A Memoir by David Small [graphic novel]

There are a lot of autobiographies of people who have grown up in dysfunctional families, but nothing quite like this.  First of all, it is in the format of a graphic novel.  Second of all, his story is practically beyond belief.

Since this story is impossible to discuss without giving away major plot points,





Being the son of a radiologist meant that David was regularly given “radiation therapy” for his asthma and sinus problems.  Having had all of that radiation caused him to develop cancer as a teen.  But, as if that is not bad enough, NO ONE TOLD HIM that he had cancer!  After waking from a surgery that no one expected him to survive, David discovers that he has no voice because they took one of his vocal chords during the surgery.  The mostly-wordless graphic format is the perfect medium for getting across David’s experiences and feelings, especially given the fact that he was literally living without a voice.  A tough read, since you know it’s all real, but definitely worthy of all the praise and the National Book Award nomination.

Happy Reading!


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