Here Lies the Librarian by Richard Peck

Eleanor “PeeWee” McGrath lives with, and idolizes, her older brother Jake.  They’ve managed to get by without their parents, but life isn’t without struggle.  They work together in a small garage, run out of an old livery stable, trying to make ends meet while putting together their very own race car.  When a tornado blows through town, the Buelahland Cemetery gets hit pretty hard, and a few of its residents end up out of the ground and even hanging in trees!  People come from miles around to see the strange sights, and this is how Jake and Peewee came to meet young Irene Ridpath.  Irene and three of her sorority sisters, all library science students from Butler University, had driven out to see the damage when their car suffered a flat tire.  PeeWee fixed the tire and the rest, as they say, is history.  For a quick read that will tickle your funny bone while giving you a taste of classic cars, dirt-track car racing, early feminism, and life in rural Indiana during early 20th century, you’ve gotta check this one out!

Happy Reading!


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