Maze Runner by James Dashner

Thomas wakes up on the floor of an elevator and he can’t remember anything except his first name.  After being helped out of the elevator, Thomas finds that he is now trapped in a settlement referred to as “the glade.”   There are a bunch of other teen boys, but that’s it.  No adults.  No girls.  And no way out.  Beyond the gigantic stone walls and sliding stone doors, there is a maze.  Every night, the doors slide shut and the maze changes.  Every morning, the maze opens up and a bunch of “runners” go in to try and find a way out.  Some of the boys believe they might be able to escape if only they can figure out a pattern or find some hidden door.  But, the patterns just seem to keep repeating with no apparent explanation.  Oh!  And, don’t forget the gigantic slug-like creatures with retractable metal spikes and robotic arms ending in hypodermic needles and circular saws who patrol the maze!

Once a month, a new kid shows up in the elevator.  Once a week, there is a supply delivery.  Nothing ever seems to change.  Until the day after Thomas’ arrival, that is.  Because they get a new person much sooner than normal — and it’s a girl!  Even more surprising is that she only wakes up from her comatose state long enough to hold up a note and tell them, “Everything will change.”  There will be no more deliveries of kids or supplies…  They were already starting to lose hope, and now panic is setting in.  How are they supposed to get out?

If you loved the Hunger Games books, you’ll love Maze Runner!  And since it is the first book of a planned trilogy [The Scorch Trials], it will give you something to read while you wait for the August 24th release of Mockingjay as well as some books to look forward to in the future.  Totally win-win!

Happy Reading!


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