Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Ethan Wate is practically counting the days until he will graduate high school and finally leave the small southern town of  Gatlin, South Carolina.  It’s a small town that only ever seems to come alive when they’re having their annual Civil War re-enactment; a place where everybody knows everybody and nobody has any secrets.  So, when a new girl comes to town, all hell breaks loose.   Lena Duchannes (pronounced: dew-cane) is a new kid in a place that never has new kids, so everyone is curious about her.  Add the fact that she also happens to be the niece of “Gatlin’s Boo Radley,” Macon Ravenwood, and you get absolute obsession.  Although Ethan is considered a part of the popular crowd, he couldn’t care less about what the rest of Gatlin’s teens think about Lena.  Despite the fact that everyone else wants to immediately brand Lena a social outcast, Ethan feels strangely drawn to her; like he already knows her.  And, as it turns out, he does!  Lena is the girl he has been having crazy dreams about for months now, and he’s hoping to figure out why he has been having the dreams and/or what they mean.  To say much more, I would have to spoil some pretty amazing stuff, so I am just going to give up one more thing…  Supernatural chick + normal guy = gothic, forbidden romance.  A MUST READ for fans of Twilight — especially if they would rather see a strong female character!

By the way: the audiobook is an awesome format for this one, since there are repeated references to a song and you actually get to listen to the song instead of just wondering what it sounds like!

Happy Reading!


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