The Tear Collector by Patrick Jones

Cassandra [Cass] Gray is always ready to provide a shoulder for people to cry on.  Between peer mentoring at her high school and volunteering as a grief counselor at the local hospital, Cass always seems to be comforting someone.  But it’s not simply because Cass is a nice person who wants to help others.  It’s actually because she’s a descendant of an ancient line of human-like beings that literally feed on human suffering.  Tears are to Cass what blood is to a vampire.  And while she’s not supposed to interfere in the lives of humans to actually cause any of the suffering that brings about the tears upon which her family feeds, she can’t resist “fanning the flames” every once in a while.  After her best friend’s suicide, though, Cass begins to seriously reconsider her filial duty.  She resents the fact that she always has to seek out misery instead of happiness, and when she starts to fall for a guy named Scott, Cass decides to fight for the right to choose her own destiny.  There’s a whole lot more to this story, but it’s hard to explain without some major spoilers…  So, let me just say this — fans of vampire fiction, fans of “forbidden love” stories, and fans of Patrick Jones’ writing should all be happy with this one!

Happy Reading!


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