Freefall by Ariela Anhalt

Luke has not cared very much about anything since his father committed suicide.  And since everyone else already seems happy following the lead of his charismatic roommate, Hayden Applegate, Luke follows suit to keep things simple.  When a new guy named Russell transfers into Briar Academy, though, things start to get a little out of control.  When Hayden begins to worry about Russell moving in on his “territory” [his girlfriend and the varsity fencing team], his behavior becomes increasingly erratic.  After Hayden drives under the influence and causes a car crash that injures a passenger [which opens a place for Russell on varsity the fencing team], Hayden takes it upon himself to haze Russell.  Luke knows that everyone is expected to go cliff jumping when they go varsity, and he has actually gone cliff jumping since his own hazing, but he doesn’t like the idea of Hayden taking Russell to the cliff.  Since he can’t talk Hayden out of making Russell jump, Luke insists on at least coming along.  When Russell ends up dead — with Hayden as the prime suspect and Luke as the only witness — Luke has to decide what to tell the police.  It may seem like I spoiled the whole thing, but I swear I didn’t!  The inside of the dust jacket gives away the murder/accident part of the plot, so there is still plenty more story for you to sink your teeth into.  An interesting look at friendship, honesty, and hazing rituals…

Happy Reading!


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