The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: an Eclipse Novella by Stephenie Meyer

Bree Tanner was such a small character in Eclipse that I didn’t recognize her name when this book was announced.  As a matter of fact, it took me reading the author’s note in the beginning of the book to even know where she fit into Eclipse!  And, while I didn’t anticipate this book nearly as much as the rest of the Twilight books, I was certainly curious to know what it was all about and why Bree Tanner was such an important character as to inspire her own novella.  I do my best not to spoil stories for the people who read my blog, and this story takes place in a very small span of time, so I am not going to say very much about it, but I just HAD to blog a little something!

The biggest thing people are probably wondering is why they should bother reading this story, which takes place during Eclipse, if they have already read Eclipse…  Well, it’s pretty cool to take a peek into the world of the army of vampires Victoria gathered to attack the Cullens — getting an insider’s perspective on how the vampire army was created, how they lived, and how they trained.  Bree is certainly not typical of a new vampire, but it was pretty fascinating to see the Twilight world through her eyes.

Happy Reading!


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