Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

A friend of mine recently asked me, “Didn’t you write a review Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist on your blog?”  And, I swore that I had.  But neither one of us can find it, so it looks like I need to rectify that!  Here ya go:

It started off innocently enough…  Nick asked Norah to “be his girlfriend for five minutes”  because he wanted to look like he had moved on.  Why?  His ex-girlfriend, Tris, had walked into his band’s show with a new guy in tow.  Did it matter much to Tris?  Not really.  But that one little question, and the kiss that followed, started Nick and Norah on the adventure of a lifetime!

Tris was never really into music as much as Nick was, so it’s pretty cool for him to find a girl who shares his eclectic tastes and knowledge of the indie music scene.  Rumor has it that “Where’s Fluffy,” one of Nick and Norah’s favorite bands, is having a surprise/secret show somewhere in NYC that night, so Nick and Norah decide to try and find the show.  The only problem is that Norah’s friend Caroline is wasted and needs a ride home.  Nick’s bandmates agree to take her home so that Nick has a chance to go on this “date” with Norah, but things don’t end up being quite so simple.  Drunk and confused, Caroline ends up getting out of the van and getting lost.  So, Nick and Norah have to abandon their search for “Where’s Fluffy” to try and find their friend.

I thought this book was amazing in many ways.  First of all, I am amazed at their ability to write such a cohesive story in tandem.  Secondly, I loved that they wrote the story in such a “no hold barred” fashion.  Some people will likely be offended by the number of “F bombs” dropped in this story, but it is a very accurate depiction of the way many teens speak.  Most of all, I loved how hilarious much of the story was.  A lot of it was cringe-worthy for sure, but absolutely hilarious!  The movie was good, by the way, but some of the changes in the story were a bit upsetting to me  — I missed “Tony/Toni/Toné” so much and really wished they had kept the original ending.  Not bad, though, and definitely worth watching.

Happy Reading!


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