Ash by Malinda Lo

Aisling’s father did his best to care for her after her mother died, but his protection ended when he died, and her jealous stepmother did her best to make up for lost time. Horrible living conditions? Check. Too much hard labor for one person to complete? Check. A dream that she will some day escape this hellish existence? Check. Sure, this is a Cinderella story… But it’s not your mama’s Cinderella story!

Aisling (pronounced “Ashling”), nicknamed Ash, is a strong female character who is out to find her own happiness — not some wimpy girl looking to be rescued by Prince Charming.  In fact, she doesn’t have designs on the prince at all.  There is a fairy prince, Sidhean, who pines for her, though!  The one person in this story that Aisling yearns to spend her time with is actually the King’s Huntress, Kaisa. More than just a coming of age story and a fairy tale with a twist, this is a beautifully written tale about what it truly means to live and love.

I wish I could say more about why I loved this story, but I am afraid that I will have to reveal too many spoilers… Let’s just say that I LOVED this story and I think anyone who likes their grrrl power sprinkled with a little fairy magic will enjoy it too!

Happy Reading!


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