Crank by Ellen Hopkins

This was the book that pretty much started it all for Ellen Hopkins, though it wasn’t the first book of her popular YA books I had read. Since I had to replace Crank again — from the spine breaking with too much use! — I decided to find out what made this story so popular. I ended up falling in love with her no-hold-barred style all over again AND coming to understand how she started writing stories with such gritty topics. I often wonder why an author chooses a particular topic — especially when it is a “tough” topic like drugs or sexual abuse — and it turns out that Ellen Hopkins wrote this book to tell the true story of meth addicts, like her daughter.  It is hard enough to read a story and to know that something like that is possible, but to know that the author personally experienced events like these was heartbreaking.  I think Ellen Hopkins’ books should be mandatory reading for all teens so they can learn from the mistakes of the characters instead of having to learn firsthand.

Happy Reading!


4 responses to “Crank by Ellen Hopkins

  1. Well said!

  2. I’d like to read this book because of your review. I think that preaching to kids about drugs can only go so far. Some are just so curious. Reading a book like this can be like experiencing something firsthand, so the curiosity is killed….if the book is done well! It also teaches compassion for those who have problems with drugs.

  3. Thanks for this review. Crank looks like another book to add to our list. I have subscribed to your awesome blog.

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