The Line by Teri Hall

Teri Hall could not have picked a better time to release this book.  Tensions are higher than ever with regard to controlling the US border, and this story sounds an awful lot like what some of the extremists are calling for.

Rachel and her mother, Vivian, have lived on The Property as long as she can recall.  Vivian works for Ms. Moore, who owns The Property and runs a greenhouse in which she grows orchids.  The Property is a very quiet and secluded place, but it is located adjacent to the infamous Line — a border protection system which separates the US from Away.  Because of an approaching foreign enemy, the US had activated the Line without warning, and many US citizens were trapped in Away.  Then, Away was blasted with atomic bombs.  Even after all of that, the Line is always on to ensure that the Others cannot get across the border.  Anyone who speaks out against the government and/or the Line is considered a traitor, and almost everyone lives in fear of the oppressive government.

When Rachel discovers a recording of someone begging for help, she is torn.  If this person who needs help is from Away, should she do the RIGHT thing or the SAFE thing?  What would her mother think is she knew what Rachel was considering?  And how would Ms. Moore feel about all of this happening on The Property?

If you’re anything like me, you will tear through this story and then lament the fact that the sequel (Away) will not be released until sometime in 2011.  At least we can all keep up to date on the sequel’s progress via!

Happy Reading!


4 responses to “The Line by Teri Hall

  1. Thanks so much for including The Line here! I wanted to let you know that there is a great, free curriculum guide available for The Line.

    Several middle grade classes are teaching The Line in schools using the guide, and I wondered if you might know of someone who could use it? It is very comprehensive and a tiny bit subversive (check out #4 in the pre-reading activity or questions like the #4 discussion starter for Chapter 3) in a way that really encourages kids to think. If you know anyone who might fond it useful, please do pass it along. It’s available for free download on my website.


    Teri Hall

  2. Thanks for the recommendation–I picked up this book from the library yesterday afternoon and devoured the entire thing this evening. I really enjoyed it and I liked the combination of themes threaded into the story.

  3. Thanks for the info about the curriculum guide, Teri. I am sure that teachers will really appreciate having that readily available to them!

    I found this book really tough to put down, and I am glad Allyson agrees!

  4. The Line looks like exactly what I am looking for my daughter. We are a homeschool family and I am always looking for “good” books, rather than some of the twaddle that is out there.

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