Real Live Boyfriends by E. Lockhart

I love the title of this book — although what’s written above is not actually the COMPLETE title. Part of the reason why I love this book title is that it has so many humorous footnotes, including in the title:

*yes, boyfriends, plural. if my life weren’t complicated — I wouldn’t be Ruby Oliver.”

(And, yes, the lack of capital letters is intentional!)

E. Lockhart has a gift for writing tons of humor into what could very well be a horribly depressing book.  Between Ruby’s panic attacks, her father’s debilitating depression, and Ruby’s boy troubles, this could have been a drag.  Instead, readers find themselves laughing out loud as Ruby sings retro metal songs in her head to stave off panic attacks, recalls her father “drooling orange drool” (from his steady diet of Doritos, Cheetos, etc.) onto his sweatshirt as he camps out on the couch, and compiles lists of possibilities as to why her boyfriend is not answering her calls and e-mails.

While it probably helps to have read at least one of the other Ruby Oliver novels first (I have only read The Boyfriend List), this could certainly be a stand-alone title.  Big thanks to my friend, Goddess Librarian, for letting me borrow her ARC!  Be sure to subscribe to her blog, too, since she has lots of great reviews and occasional contests/give-aways.

Happy Reading!


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