Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings by Helene Boudreau

Jade thought that getting her period while bathing suit shopping at the mall was probably the most embarrassing thing ever.  But, then she had to endure shopping for maxi pads and tampons with her dad — who didn’t notice the cute guy she was talking to and shouted over to ask whether or not she wanted “wings.”  Even that was not the worst part of the day, though.  Because, after she got home, Jade fell asleep while trying to soak away the cramps, nearly drowned in the bathtub, and then discovered that her legs had transformed into a mermaid’s tail!

It was hard enough for Jade to think about attending her best friend’s pool party when all she had to worry about was whether she could find a bathing suit that adequately covered her “muffin top.”  Now, her father is telling her that she must take after her mother — who was actually born a mermaid and had petitioned to become human!  It’s almost too much to take in… especially considering hard it has been to move on after her mother drowned in Talisman Lake last year.  But how, exactly, can a mermaid drown?

This coming of age tale (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun!) has a lot that tween/teen girls can relate to — friendship drama, crushes, puberty/body image issues — with a fantasy flair and a bit of mystery to boot.  Some parts of the story are a bit dark, but there’s enough humor to balance it out in the end.  Oh!  And, speaking of the end.  This book is begging for a sequel!  Let’s hope Ms. Boudreau doesn’t leave us high and dry.

Happy Reading!


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