Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris

When 6-year-old Christian ran away from home, he was very lucky to stumble upon a troll named Edric (“Ed” for short).  Other forest trolls might have eaten Christian, but Ed actually cared about his well-being.  So much so, in fact, that he tried to talk Christian into going back home.  Christian insisted that he was better off living in the forest and threatened that, if he was made to go home, he would tell his parents that Ed had actually kidnapped him.  Ed took Christian in, albeit reluctantly, and did his best to raise him as if he were his own son.

Now that Christian is approaching adulthood, though, he is finding that his life in the forest has not prepared him much for much in the wider world.  Although it seems foolish, Christian is determined to cross the river to try and meet the princess with whom he has had regular “p-mail” [carrier pigeon] correspondence.  Relying on the lessons he has learned from an old etiquette book and Ed’s confuddled cliches of advice, Christian begins a humorous adventure that should please fans of comedy and fans of fairy tales alike!

Happy Reading!


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