The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

scorch trialsThis book is the sequel to The Maze Runner.  If you have not yet read the first book,

Thomas and the rest of the Gladers have finally escaped from the maze, and they are under the mistaken impression that life will actually become a little easier for them.  Anyone who’s finished the first book already knows, however, that this false sense of security is all a part of WICKED’s grand plan.  They literally want to trick the kids into feeling safe and then betrayed in order to observe their reactions and gather pertinent data.

The Grievers back in the maze were pretty nasty adversaries, with hypodermic needles and circular saws that came out of their bodies…  But they’re nothing compared to the zombie-like “cranks” [people infected with the Flare] found here.  As if the new, even more hazardous location and enemy weren’t enough to deal with, the Gladers also discover that there was another maze experiment running in parallel with their own — and that they are now competing against that second group in this trial.  They may have thought that life inside the maze was tough, but they haven’t seen anything yet!  Lives are lost and alliances shift as they try to work together to complete another nearly-impossible task.

Though I wouldn’t consider it purely gratuitous, I feel it necessary to warn readers that this book has a bit more graphic violence than the first.  I’m not sure whether to expect even more gore in the third book, The Death Cure, but I’m willing to take my chances when it’s released on October 11th!

Happy Reading!


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