Surviving the Applewhites by Stephanie Tolan

Jake Semple has been kicked out of so many schools that he only has one last place to try — The Creative Academy.  It’s a home school run by a family of artists [the Applewhites].   Jake is determined to make his mark and to be as offensive and outrageous as possible right from the start, but he grows frustrated when most of the Applewhites are nonplussed.   He does manage to get under E.D.’s skin, though.  Unlike the rest of her very quirky/artsy family, E.D. is more scientifically-minded.  Whereas most of her family is very easy-going, E.D. has a mind for detail and order… and she does not appreciate Jake shaking things up.  Regardless of her feelings about the matter, she and Jake are required to work together according to her existing curriculum.  Anything that can go wrong often does, and usually in a rather laughable way.  Especially when it comes to the Applewhites’ kooky production of The Sound of Music!

Happy Reading!


One response to “Surviving the Applewhites by Stephanie Tolan

  1. Being a homeschool family I was immediately attracted to this book. Plus I love funny stories. We will be giving this book a read. Thanks.

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