Across the Universe by Beth Revis

8235178I cannot believe I didn’t post about this book yet!  I read it as soon as it was released (1/11/11) because I had been dying to finish it.  Guess I dropped the ball, though…  Sorry!

This book begins on Earth, with Amy and her parents preparing to be cryogenically frozen.  They are about to be packed onto a spaceship [Godspeed] in hopes that they will be able to travel for 300 years, become reanimated (thaw out), and then terraform a faraway planet (make it livable/like Earth).  As if the process of being frozen wasn’t bad enough, Amy overhears the workers saying that the launch has been delayed a year.  One whole year she could have spent with her family and friends who will remain on Earth!  As these thoughts send her into despair, she is glad to know that they won’t last long; she will be unable to think once she’s frozen.  But, then, she is frozen… and she is still capable of thought.  Still conscious of the passing time.  Talk about a torturous existence!  Unfortunately, her bad luck does not end there.  Someone unplugs her a full 50 years before the estimated landing time, and she will be older than her parents by the time they are reanimated.  Chapters alternate between Amy and a guy named Elder, who will soon be the leader of the people aboard Godspeed.  If you like dystopias and science fiction, you HAVE to read this book!

Happy Reading!


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