Zitface by Emily Howse

Acne is a fact of life for many teens.  And while no one likes having acne, having a breakout doesn’t always seem like the end of the world.  For 13-year-old Olivia Hughes, however, a sudden breakout could cost her a job.  Why?  Because she is an actress.  She just landed a job as the “Wacky Water Girl” in a national commercial campaign for Wacky Water [a waterslide park], and she’s worried that her skin problems could get her fired.  Will she be able to get her acne under control before anyone finds out?  And what, if anything, can she do to make it go away for good?

Most, if not all, teens worry about their looks, and I see how being an actress could certainly exacerbate the issue.  I think teens are very likely to identify with Olivia’s acne worries — as well as her issues with friends, dating, puberty, and school.  I don’t think teens will recognize themselves in Olivia’s voice, though, since she sometimes comes off as preachy and didactic instead of just making casual comments/observations.  A good book, overall, with plenty of factual (if heavy-handed) information about acne and skin care.

Happy Reading!


One response to “Zitface by Emily Howse

  1. This sounds like a great book on a timeless teen topic. My daughter is only just starting the acne age.

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