Planet Pregnancy by Linda Oatman High

I really wanted to like this story because the VOYA reviewer thought it was great, but something about it just bothers me.  On the one hand, I liked the fact that this story shows how a scared/pregnant teenager can evolve and even come to embrace her role as mother.  But, on the other hand, it seems to me almost as if it was a pro-life plant in the YA collection.  The way that the receptionist in the abortion clinic is portrayed, for instance, just didn’t seem true-to-life in comparison to real-life accounts I have read — let alone the fact that timeline was way off for when the character was considering having an abortion.  Granted, I have never had an abortion and I do not study abortion laws around the country, but it struck me that those scenes may have been included in this book to discourage girls from even considering an abortion or going to a clinic in the first place.

The abortion/adoption/keep-the-baby issue aside, it seemed that this author may have latched on to the novel in verse format as a modern publishing gimmick that could help her attract reluctant readers and attain a higher page count more quickly than prose.  The rhymes in some sections were so awkward/forced that it really jolted me out of the story and made me wonder how the author thought they “worked.”  It made it seem like the author took the subject even less seriously than the main character, who bemoaned her condition without considering that she was even the least bit responsible for getting pregnant.  It annoyed me that the vocabulary of the narrator was stilted and better words were ignored so that the rhyme scheme could hold.

And though many teenage mothers will find that all the heartache and struggles are worth it in the end, I just couldn’t buy that this girl’s transformation happened so instantaneously when she had been such a wretch for the entire story.  So, yeah.  I guess you could say I was definitely not a fan of this book.  I don’t tend to post negative reviews on my blog, because I don’t review a book I haven’t finished and I usually put down a book I am not enjoying.  I guess the whole novel in verse thing let me finish this one so quickly I just didn’t bother putting it down.  Plenty of people will probably like it, but it’s just not my cup of tea.

Happy Reading!


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