Everything is Fine by Ann Dee Ellis

When this story starts, it’s pretty clear that Mazzy’s family is struggling to handle some sort of major tragedy.  It’s also pretty clear that the author has no intention of giving details about that tragedy until much later in the book.  I found it pretty frustrating that the details weren’t revealed for so long, though I did appreciate the fact that the author was focusing on character development instead of simply giving in to readers’ morbid curiosity.  All readers know, for quite a while, is that Mazzy’s mom is really depressed and can barely function while her dad is off pursuing his dream of being a sportscaster on ESPN, leaving Mazzy to try and figure out how she can function and move on with her own life.  A very touching story about how single tragedy can affect the various members of a family in very different ways.

Happy Reading!


One response to “Everything is Fine by Ann Dee Ellis

  1. Another book I think we will hold off on for a while. Thanks for the review.

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