My reaction to the Wall Street Journal article about YA fiction

I believe S. R. Ranganathan said it best when he came up with the 5 laws of library science:
First law: Books are for Use
Second Law: Every reader his or her book
Third Law: Every book its reader
Fourth Law: Save the time of the reader
Fifth Law: The library is a growing organism

The second and third laws say it all. A book would not be out there if the author, editor, and publisher didn’t think it had an audience. And, if you are unable to see why anyone would want to read that book, you must not be the intended audience.  Move along and find something else, if you please.

In case you have not yet read it and you are interested in knowing exactly how the WSJ attacked YA fiction/authors, here’s a link to the article:

I also feel compelled to link to one of the best responses I have read thus far, from Liz B. of “A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy”:

People need to recognize that the books they themselves like to read and the ones that they would be comfortable recommending to someone else are not necessarily the books that other people need to read or would enjoy reading. If there is one thing I wish I could get through the heads of so many people who complain about the books they come across in book stores and libraries, it would be, “Please feel free to make choices for yourself and the children in your care, but leave the rest of the world to make their own book choices, thank you!”

Happy Reading!


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