Exposed by Kimberly Marcus

Liz and Kate have been best friends since forever.  They are about to graduate from high school, and while no one is surprised that Liz will be pursuing a degree in photography, Kate has thrown everyone for a loop with her decision NOT to major in dance.  During one of their traditional sleepovers, Liz tries to convince Kate that she should reconsider, but only succeeds in starting a huge fight.  Kate leaves early in the morning, before Liz wakes up, and then refuses to speak to her.  Liz, at first, assumes that it has everything to do with that fight.  When Kate finally breaks down and talks to Liz, she tells her that she’s been so distant and upset because Brian (Liz’ older brother) raped her.

How do you know whether to believe your sibling or your best friend?  How do you handle the rumors that swirl in a small town?  And whose side do you take when it comes to trial?  This novel in verse does an amazing job of taking the reader inside the mind of a teen who goes on a journey from utterly confident about her life’s path to shaken and unsure what tomorrow will bring.  Liz is suddenly unsure of everything she ever thought she knew about herself, her family, and her friendship… and she can’t even seem to find herself in her photography anymore.  Can one horrible event really cause your whole life to fall out of focus?

Happy Reading!


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