Ashes by Ilsa Bick [ARC]

Alex has a brain tumor and doctors don’t seem to think she has very much longer to live.  With this in mind, she decides to take a hike into the mountains to say her final goodbyes to her parents (whose ashes she is bringing along).  While she is out in the wilderness, though, something very strange happens.  Birds fall from the sky, dogs begin to act strangely, and some people simply drop dead.  Because all of her electronics mysteriously died at this very same instant, Alex presumes that there must have been some sort of a large EMP (electromagnetic pulse).  Fortunately, she is not completely alone.  She has the companionship and help of two people she met in the woods — Tom, a soldier who is home on leave, and Ellie, a girl who’d been on a trip with her grandfather when he died as a result of the EMP.  Trying to find their way to a place with enough supplies to keep them alive would have been quite challenging enough, but they also discovered that they need to worry about “The Changed” — teens/young adults who act almost like zombies, attacking and eating other humans they come across.

This was another rather gruesome story to read, but I stuck it out because it was such a cool concept, so well written, and so suspenseful…  I just HAD to know what would become of Alex, Tom, and Ellie.  I should have read the fine print before I started this story, though, because it’s the first book in a trilogy, so I still don’t know how it ends!  Oh well.  I guess I would rather read a great book that leaves me desperately awaiting a sequel than read a bad story, right?

Happy Reading!


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