Stalker Girl by Rosemary Graham

Carly never stalked anyone before, but she just couldn’t help herself.  She NEEDED to know what it was about Taylor Deen that made it so easy for Brian to move on after he broke up with her.  Sure, Taylor was beautiful and came from a well-known, well-to-do family.  But Brian wasn’t some superficial guy who cared about money or what other people would think.  It all began innocently enough — Carly just wanted to figure out what Taylor was like and what about her might have caught Brian’s attention.  But, then, she became obsessed and didn’t know how to stop herself.

I liked the fact that the story sort of began in the middle and then went back to show how Carly had gotten to that low point in her life.  Readers got to see how Carly’s whole life seemed to implode all at once.  Her big trip to go on an actual archeological dig got cancelled when her father and his wife announced that they were expecting a baby.  Then she found out that her mother and step-father were splitting up and that she had to move away to work at a summer camp where her mom would be director.  Readers could easily understand that Carly’s relationship with Brian was the one thing that returned some joy to her life.  That is, until his band found fame and Carly drove him away with her crazy, jealous behavior.

Thanks to the internet, with resources like social networking sites and blogs, it is easier than ever to feed an unhealthy obsession.  And, aside from merely having a unique and interesting plot, I think this story is a healthy reminder of how easy it could be to cross the line from interest to obsession.

Happy Reading!


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