The Unidentified by Rae Mariz

After reading this book, I can no longer simply log in to Facebook or Google+ and browse around.  I start to deconstruct other people’s posts and second-guess my own before I even post them.  Why?  Because this book did such an amazing job of pointing out how creepy social networking truly is and how people welcome this lack of privacy for a bit of time in the spotlight:

The world is like a giant squinty eye, peeking in through the skylight, spying.
Does that creep us out?  No.  We like the attention.

Kid goes to school at The Game.  It’s a mall that’s been converted to a school run by corporate sponsors.  Students are being watched with cameras 24/7 so that new trends can be spotted and reported immediately to marketing groups.  Some of the students can even earn sponsorship if a brand thinks they’re a good fit.  Frequent brand name-dropping is one of the reasons I cannot stand reading (and have never made it all the way through) books in series like Alphas Academy and Pretty Little Liars, but it wasn’t the same in this case because it was being used specifically to make a point.  Every time a character mentioned their “notebook (R)” or “intouch (R),” it was the author’s way of pointing out how ridiculous it is that people have become obsessed with having the coolest/most popular gadgets, and I can totally get behind that message.

When Kid witnessed a mock-suicide in the Pit, everything changed for her.  It was only a dummy with a balloon for a head, but it was disturbing to see the balloon head explode red paint everywhere upon impact.  Even more disturbing, though, was the fact that no one else seemed to be upset by this stunt.  In fact, her friend Ari dryly asked, “What do you think they’re selling?”   Kid was intrigued and decided that she had to figure out who was behind the stunt and why.  The problem?  The Unidentified would sort of like to remain that way.

Happy Reading!


One response to “The Unidentified by Rae Mariz

  1. Sounds like a great and important read. Thanks for this.

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