Where She Went by Gayle Forman

If you are anything like me, you finished If I Stay and asked yourself, “But then what?!?” Even though she did not initially intend to write a sequel, Gayle Forman found that these characters just weren’t finished telling their story yet.  In an interview with Lauren Oliver, she said, “they kept banging on the drum in my head.”  Thankfully, they were persistent enough and this book came to be!

As it turns out, Adam and his band (Shooting Star) have made it big, and so have Mia and her cello.  But Adam and Mia aren’t together anymore.  When Mia entered Juilliard — right on schedule, despite the accident — she and Adam had every intention of making their long-distance relationship work.  He was going to stay on the West Coast to focus on the band while Mia headed off to the East Coast to focus on Juilliard.

For this book, Forman switched to Adam’s perspective and jumped ahead three years into their future.  Shooting Star has just released an album (Collateral Damage) and is about to start a major tour in Europe.  Adam has only one day left in New York, and he decides to spend his last night watching Mia play at Carnegie Hall.  Although he had planned to sneak in and out unnoticed, Mia sees him and requests that he meet her backstage after the show.  Saying anything more than that will surely lead to spoilers (and you know I can’t stand spoilers), so you will just have to trust me that this book was great!

Happy Reading!


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