Blood Wounds by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Willa has it pretty good.  Her mom got remarried, but her step-dad [Jack] is a genuinely nice guy who loves her as if she is his own daughter.  She even gets along really well with her step-sisters and their mom.  Unfortunately, Willa’s happy little life is about to fall apart.  When her mom’s best friend calls from Texas, freaking out about a guy named Budge, a missing twin, and an Amber Alert, Willa starts to realize that there is a lot she doesn’t know about the life she left behind.  As it turns out, Budge is her birth father’s nickname.  The twin is one of Budge’s daughters from his second marriage.  And the Amber Alert was put in place because Budge’s wife and two other daughters were found murdered…  Stabbed to death.  If that wasn’t freaky enough, Budge and his daughter were potentially sighted at a gas station along a highway that leads to the town where Willa and her mom now live. How do you even begin to process that information?!?

While this summary/teaser makes the book sound like a high-suspense thriller, it’s actually so much more.  I can’t explain much without spoilers, but let’s just say that there is a lot of character development, a lot of back-story, and a lot of levels of meaning.  Even the title has a lot of significance, as explained by Susan Beth Pfeffer on

My way around the problem that the title Blood Wounds doesn’t mean anything is to say, “Think of ‘wounds’ as a verb. Then think of ‘blood’ as meaning family. See? A family can hurt you. ‘Blood wounds!'”

Happy Reading!


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