The Death Cure by James Dashner [ARC]


OK.  If you are still reading, I trust that you have read the first two books of the Maze Runner Trilogy (Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials)…  That means you already know that Thomas and the Gladers have found their way out of the Maze and that they thought they had been rescued from WICKED (World in Catastrophe, Killzone Experiment Department) but were actually being collected to be sent into the Scorch Trials.  While they didn’t know whether they could trust anything they were told by WICKED, they had no other choice than to believe that they had been infected with the Flare and would find the cure if they could survive the Trials.  Despite the devious creatures and Cranks they had to fight off, many of them (including Thomas) survived until the end.

This book opens with Thomas in an isolation chamber at WICKED headquarters.  He has been there for three weeks and has no idea where the other Gladers are or how they are doing.  When the Rat Man comes and lets him out of the isolation chamber, Thomas is informed that he is actually a Munie (someone who is immune to the Flare) and that all of these trials have been an attempt to map his Killzone (brain) to develop a cure.  Now, WICKED claims that they are very close to a cure — as long as the Gladers who have survived the trials cooperate.  Thomas is unsure how he feels about all this.  Is it really worth all the pain and sacrifices he and his friends have experienced if they can find a cure?  Is a cure even possible?  And why should he trust that “WICKED is good” after all the lies and horrors of the past?

Happy Reading!


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