Circle of Fire by Michelle Zink

Circle of FireSomehow, I managed to miss posting a review for Guardian of the Gate.  I don’t know how I could possibly have forgotten because (1) I was dying to read it as soon as I finished Prophecy of the Sisters and (2) it was a seriously good book!  But, I decided that it was more important to post the review of the third book than to avoid admitting my omission.  Just don’t bother going back to look for a review of GotG, because you won’t find one…  😦

1 & 2!

Time is running out.  Lia is starting to understand, a little more every day, how her mother had been driven to suicide; how utterly impossible it would have been for her mother to resist Samael and the souls if she did not kill herself.  Even though Lia feels strong enough to resist him for the time being, she does not know how much longer she can keep her mind and soul free of Samael’s evil influence.  Having been betrayed by a close friend once before, Lia finds it all the more difficult to trust anyone to help her in this final stretch and primarily relies on Dimitri to keep her safe if and when she must give in to her exhaustion and sleep.  If Lia is to close the gate, she will need to (1) find the final key, (2) convince Alice to help her, and (3) find the missing pages of the prophecy.  Not to mention traveling to the specific location where the ritual must be performed.  There are quite a few loose ends to tie up, but readers will not be disappointed by this final installation of the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy!

Happy Reading!


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