Payback Time by Carl Deuker

Payback Time Mitch True has wanted to be a reporter ever since his dad took him to see All the President’s Men when he was little [in a theater that shows old movies, of course].  He has been on the school paper, The Lincoln Light, since freshman year and assumed that he would become the editor during senior year because his only competition, Alyssa Hanson, was not a very talented writer.  Alyssa got the editor position based on a popular vote and then proceeded to move Mitch from lead reporter to sports. Although he was initially unhappy, Mitch quickly realized that Alyssa made a great editor and the sports writer position was likely to give him a lot more exposure before graduation.  But this story is not just about how some kid learned to adapt when his life plan didn’t pan out.  It’s a whole lot juicier than that!

When Mitch and the sports photographer, Kimi Yon, went to interview the quarterback, they noticed something fishy about a new player.  He was throwing amazing passes before practice started but pretended to be only mediocre when people started paying attention to him.  He also looked older than the rest of the guys on the team.  Everyone knew Coach McNulty was unhappy coaching high school football and looking for a way to get hired on at a college…  So, was it possible he could be cheating by bringing in a guy who was ineligible to play?  Mitch and Kimi decided that they would do whatever it took to dig up the truth and to get this story out.  But there’s just one problem — they’re not even close to guessing this guy’s secret and have no idea how much danger they could be in if they dig too deep.

Happy Reading!


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