I’m Back!

Chrissie in the CaveHey everybody!  Sorry I basically disappeared for a while there.  I had to have my tonsils removed.  [It’s not fun when you’re an adult, by the way!]  I had kinda assumed that I would be OK enough to read a lot and post from home, so I never thought I needed to say anything.  As it turns out, I managed to read two books in two weeks (not exactly stellar) and didn’t post a single review.  As a holiday present to my readers, though, I have decided to post a review every day for the rest of this week.  Let’s just hope that catching up on two weeks worth of stuff at the library doesn’t prevent me from sticking to this goal!

Happy Reading!


4 responses to “I’m Back!

  1. Glad you’re feeling better! Hope you have a great holiday!:)

  2. Thanks! Hope your holidays are great, too! ::hugs::

  3. Glad you’re back! Hope you’re feeling well.

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