The Sweetest Thing by Christina Mandelski

Sheridan Wells is known to many people in her small town as “Cake Girl.”  Not only does she like to make cakes, but she is amazingly good at it.  She learned from her mom in her Nanny’s bakery [Sweety’s] and loves to decorate cakes because it helps her to feel connected to her mom, despite the fact that her mom took off years ago.  While her dad is still technically around, he is often preoccupied by running his own restaurant and working on a deal to get his own TV show on the Extreme Cuisine network.  Add in some teen angst — in the form of friendship and dating troubles — and Sheridan’s whole life seems to be falling apart.  But, just as a little salt can help bring out the sweetness of baked goods, life’s difficulties can help a person to better appreciate life’s blessings.  I especially like that Mandelski managed to keep this story humorous instead of depressing.  I recommend this book to fans of Sarah Dessen and Jenny Han.

Happy Reading!


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