The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The Prince of MistI am not big on scary stories, but I thought this book was more spooky than scary.  I’m not exactly sure where I draw the line, but this book didn’t give me nightmares, so that’s definitely a good indicator that it fell on the right side!

Max Carter and his family (mom, dad, and two sisters) moved from the city to the seashore after his dad bought an old, abandoned house.  Almost as soon as they arrived, strange things began to happen.  Max noticed a clock that moved backwards AND a creepy cat managed to get the younger sister to adopt it before they even left the train station.  Once they got home, everything just got way spookier.  Doors opened on their own.  Disembodied voices taunted people.  Statues in the graveyard appeared to have moved in between visits.  And while it all seemed to center around a sunken ship and the untimely death of the boy who used to live in the house, there was clearly more to the story than the locals were letting on.  The best part of the story?  The crazy twist ending.  Come on… You know you wanna find out what it is!

Happy Reading!


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