The Cupid War by Timothy Carter

Fallon was beyond depressed.  A girl named Susan had glommed onto him and he had no clue how to get rid of her without being a complete jerk.  Susan was such a leech that hanging out with her meant losing touch with all his other friends and even losing his girlfriend.  He didn’t see any other way out, so he decided to kill himself.  Unfortunately, even though Fallon actually changed his mind at the last minute, he slipped and fell off the bridge anyway.

After dying, Fallon discovers that there IS life after death — and that people actually have to earn their way into “heaven.”  Since he is still behind in his karmic debt to the universe, Fallon must now become a cupid.  Afterlife, much like life, isn’t always fun.  His boss is a jerk, there’s no such thing as “time off,” and he has to wear a pink spandex uniform as he performs his duties.  Still, it’s pretty interesting work helping people fall in love and fighting off suicides [evil creatures who feed off misery and try to make people commit suicide].  When Fallon is assigned to work at a high school near his former hometown, he discovers that Susan has found a new victim.  He’s sure that her name [Susan Sides] is not a coincidence, but no one else will believe him.  Fallon has to find a way to stop her, but it will mean putting his own afterlife on the line.  This humorous story pairs a clever premise with witty characters for a very entertaining read.

Happy Reading!


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