Red Glass by Laura Resau

red glassA 6-year-old boy named Pedro was the lone survivor of a group that attempted to illegally cross the border between Mexico and the United States.  The hospital staff was able to treat him for extreme dehydration, but they could not begin to heal his mental and emotional trauma.  After all, he was present when his parents died and is now all alone in a strange land where he knows no one and doesn’t speak the main language.  When Sophie’s parents were contacted, they agreed to care for the boy until such a time that they could contact his family back in Mexico.  It took about a year for Pedro’s family to get in touch with Sophie’s family, and Sophie became very attached to her Principito (“Little Prince”) in the meantime.  Now that they have been contacted, though, they need to do the right thing and bring Pedro home to his relatives.  This is where things get very tricky.  Sophie is a bit neurotic, so she worries about anything and everything that could possibly go wrong.  How will they find safe drinking water and avoid food poisoning on the road?  How will they keep themselves safe as they travel through notoriously dangerous and/or remote areas of Mexico?  And, most importantly, how will she handle the news if Pedro decides he wants to stay in Mexico and live with his relatives instead of returning to live in the United States?

Happy Reading!


One response to “Red Glass by Laura Resau

  1. Sounds like an interesting read.

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